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My love affair with Baanthai dates back to 2007 and till date I’ve been a devotee to this place.Baanthai –serves the best varieties of Chinese and thai food at very affordable prices along with quality and quantity.

The design of the restaurant is simple and its also pretty small consisting of only 6 tables,due to which there are long waiting lines especially during weekends.

The menu is extensive here consisting of almost 130 chinese and 84 thai dishes,but the service staff will gladly help you to make your choices.
Baanthai is also the best place to dine with your vegetarian friends as there are ample options in vegetarian dishes and also that every dish here comes with the choice of your favourite meat like chicken,prawns,fish,lamb or mixed.
In Chinese,Spring rolls are a must here as you can taste the lovely delicate flavor of the veggies and also the sauce that is served alongside gives the spring rolls an added kick.
The sour pepper shrimp wonton soup comes with a clear soup with steamed wonton in it.The soup is light in flavor and the sourness from the lemon is quite refreshing,though the wonton in it makes the soup quite filling on its own.
The 5 treasure hakka noodles too are prepared well which comes with julliened peppers and red cabbage and is not like the usual hakka noodles one gets.
In Thai,the satay koong and kai is a nice option for starters which is grilled chicken served with peanut sauce.
The salads at Baanthai are very fresh  and my favourite one is the yam woonsen which has glass noodles in it along with chicken or prawn and lightly flavoured with fish essence.T he salad is seasoned with the right amount of fish essence as too much of it can make the dish smell foul.
Tom kha kai is also my favourite soup in the thai menu.Its quite different from the stereotype soups,in this coconut milk is mildly spiced with lemongrass and galangal,perfect for a chilly night.

The curries is must have here especially the gheng khaew wan which is the thai green curry.The thai green curry is made authentic here.Its best eaten with baanthai’s chef special rice which is mildly flavoured with fresh basil leaves.

However,I never got to taste any desserts here as its never available whenever I’ve asked for it.

Baanthai is a must visit restaurant and I would recommend every person who visits pune to dine here.The service does tend to slow down a bit during rush hours but its worth the wait as the quality of the dishes is always spot on.A prior reservation of the table is a must here if you are really starving and want to be served quick.The prices here again are very reasonable for the quantity of food that is served.
I would say it’s a must visit restaurant in pune or simply because you’re a die hard fan of asian cusine.

Food for 2: 400 INR

Overall ratings:4/5

Address:kubera colony,next to bakers point bakery,nibm road,kondhwa

 Pune - 411048
Phone: 020 32911907, 020 26834276

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