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Hours/Days open: ALL DAYS (9AM -10PM)

Badshah – was established in 1905 and has been serving some delicious food for more than a century now.Badshah has only one branch in pune (M.G Road) and one in Mumbai.

Other eateries around the area may have come and gone but Badshah, much like single screen theatres and the charm they evoke, refuses to lose its loyal customers to newer and fancier places.

The ambience of this restaurant is simple(almost basic)yet family friendly and seats around 70 people at a time having outdoor and indoor seating facility.

The variety of food here is simply astounding and there are various delicacies on offer right from north to south Indian cuisine to popular western foods like pastas,pizzas,burgers,hotdogs and Chinese as well.

The most popular item here at badshah is the cutlet which they serve along with some coleslaw,French fries and toast.This is by far the best vegetarian cutlet I’ve had after the one served at Alok hotel in Mumbai.
The badshah thali is economical and comprises of-dal,mutter paneer,aloo gobi,chaas, gulab jamun and dry samosa along with roti,rice,salad,achaar and papad - enough to fill you up good for a few hours at least.
The puri bhaji and pav bhaji here is also worth trying as it reminds one of home cooked food.The tangy red sauce macaroni here is absolutely lip smacking which comes loaded up with cheese.
They also have an extensive beverage menu providing fresh juices to organic ones,faloodas,syrups with milk/water,lassis,milkshakes,milk cold drinks.

Their famous Falooda is known as the pride of badshah and is available in an array of unique flavors like butterscotch,shirazi,kesar,royal falooda and more.The coffee here is my favourite.Its not one of those fancy frothy coffees from a machine that one gets nowadays  but the real deal.

Badshah is economically priced and a scrumptious meal for two can be had just under 250 bucks. The service is quick and the waiters are very friendly, always greet everyone warmly and all of them are well-versed with the menu.
 Badshah is an iconic landmark in the city and I make it a point to regularly visit this place at least once a week as I am guaranteed a consistently good meal. 
Although the lure of coffee and cutlet is too hard to resist, I wonder if the real reason I frequent Badshah is because it reminds me of the theme song from the TV sitcom Cheers, 'I wanna go where everybody knows my name and they're always glad you came.'

Meal for 2: 250 INR
Overall ratings:3/5
Address: 7,East Street,Opposite Vicory Cinema,Camp,Pune 411001
Phone: 6362667/6361805here and always greet one warmly,they also are knowlegeable  money. fresh juices to organic one,ike to

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