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Recently,I had friends visiting me from Chandigarh during the holiday season and soon enough they were starting to feel homesick.
 Since,the demand from the two was to have ghar ka khana plus vegetarian food.I knew instantly that sheetal arc’s the place to go.
Being a hardcore non-vegetarian myself ,Its certainly a difficult thing to get me to eat vegetarian food but when I was introduced to sheetal arc,I was bound to change my perception.
  Sheetal arc has been operating since 2007 and has quickly made its way into many hearts.
This restaurant seats around 100 people at a time and is also available for marriages and other functions on prior intimation.
 The ambience of this restaurant is basic but its spacious and not crammed up.

We were really hungry,so we ordered some starters like pani puri,delhi chaat,masala papad,paneer tikka along with some beer.
The orders came to our table within no time despite rush hours and the service here is spectacular.
Both the pani puri and delhi chaat are like little burts of flavor in the mouth and that made me keep wanting for more.

The pani puri here is made with mineral water and that takes care of the hygiene part besides that the pani puri was yummy,it had the right balance of flavours in both the sweet and spicy water.Masala papad was a must have since we were having beers,the papad was topped up with spiced up onions and tomato with lemon.
Paneer tikkas too was absolutely delicious,it had the right amount of spice and kick to it.

After all this,we still managed to save some space for the maincourse and so next we ordered some shezuan noodles,fried rice ,paneer Manchurian,malai kofta,dal tadka,tandoori rotis,one deluxe thali and one tomato soup as a special demand from my friend.
I managed to taste all the dishes but the thali shone the most among all.

Ordering up a deluxe thali is the best bargain one can get here.i absolutely adore the thali here,it’s the best in fact.The deluxe thali comprises of dal makhani,mix veg,aloo mutter,paneer makhani,pulao,2 parathas,raita and gaajar halwa.

The dal makhani has a distinctive earthy flavor to it and the cream adds to its richness.The veg preparations keep changing here depending on the availability and so this time I got to taste the aloo mutter and mix veg.Both the dishes were well made especially the mix veg as the veggies were cooked to perfection.

The malai kofta gravy had pieces of pineapple and cherry in it which was a bit unusual for me and it made the gravy a lot on the sweeter side but the koftas were just melting in the mouth with all the creaminess coming from the paneer in it.
I must say that sheetal arc makes really good dal preparations as the dal tadka too was delicious.It wasn’t like you could only taste the tadka but the dal flavor too came out beautifully.

In Chinese,the shezuan noodles were al dente.Surprisingly it wasn’t that spicy which was good for me but the good thing about the noodles was that it dint have any red food colouring added to it,as mostly seen nowdays.The paneer Manchurian was a bit unusual for me as I had never eaten one with paneer,it tasted alright but I would still prefer the traditional veg Manchurian over this.
I’m not a big fan of soups especially tomato soups as most of my experience with it was horrifying.In the name of tomato soup,I was most of the time served a cross between tomato ketchup and puree with a generous amount of water added to it.But the soup at sheetal arc changed my outlook,it was tangy and at the same time the cream added to its richness and it was topped with perfect crisp croutons.

In desserts,the gaajar ka halwa is a must try.I must say its not for the faint hearted,as its made in pure ghee.One might question its preparation as it comes in a pool of ghee and every spoonful is dripping with ghee but ones you eat it you know your in pure bliss.
By looking at the contended faces of my friends I knew that the dinner was a huge success plus the food was economical as well,as food for 4 cost around 1240 INR(excluding beers).It was a decent amount for the quantity of food we were being served.i would say that sheetal arc is a hard to miss place and is definetly worth a try.





Food for 4: 1240 INR

Overall ratings:4.5/5

Address: Virwani Plaza,East Street, Besides 11East Street Cafe, Camp.

 Pune - 411001
Phone: 020 41045533, 020 41045544


  1. Tanzif I LOVE Indian- like seriously! I mean I love all types of food, but Indian is a favorite go to when I can't decide. My mouth was watering just reading this...yummy.

  2. awwwww.....that's so sweet honey!! hehehe...its vice versa for me..i like all the non indian stuff more...mayb coz i've grown up eating indian food..i love middle eastern cusine too

  3. hey..
    just happened to read your reviews fro 11 east street cafe and sheetal arch..
    its always nice to read good things written about us.
    appreciate the time taken out for the same and the detailing provided in the review.
    we have started a new restaurant called , 'tim luck luck' in Pimple Saudagar and would love to have your review for that too.
    thank you.
    Joravar Sachdev

    1. Hello,

      Thanks so much for appreciating the reviews,! looks like you got another new addition to white summer hospitality.i would definetly love to review "tim luck luck" someday. will keep you updated.good luck on the new venture.




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