Saturday, January 28, 2012



I’m a big lover of garlic and definitely garlic bread could not be left behind.I love the way my house smells of roasted garlic when I make garlic bread at home.There are many simple ways of making garlic bread at home but I find this recipe very easy to make.

1 loaf of French bread
100grams softened salted butter
10 large cloves of garlic minced(I love a lot of garlic but you can add less)
50 grams feta cheese(optional)
Cut the French bread in equal pieces and line them in a baking tray.

In a bowl,mix together the softened butter and garlic.

Spread the butter on the bread slices generously.

Bake at 120C till the butter melts and the bread is a little toasted or according to you liking.

Remove and let it rest for a minute then you can add some bits of feta cheese on top.

NOTE-if using salted butter then do not add too much feta cheese as the garlic bread will turn salty.

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